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Two longtime Canadian friends came to Panama with a shared vision. To create a world of their own, in which travelers can experience themselves and their environment more purely, with minimal outside interference. Everyone is free to be as creative as they want to be, having access to this unique playground.

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Their hard work and constant improvement has created one of the most unique travel experiences in Central America.

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Welcome to the jungle.

The Lost and Found Hostel is Panama's only hike in jungle retreat located in the cloud forests of the Chiriquí Province. Stunning views of Volcan Baru set the backdrop for this jungle lodge. Located inside the La Fortuna Nature Reserve, we offer a unique social housing experience. Immerse yourself in nature by exploring the miles of trails inside the park, let our guides show you the real Panama, join us for family dinner every night, and meet Rocky the Kinkajou, or if you choose, simply lounge in a hammock, and take it all in.

Built on more than 30 acres of rain forest and re-purposed organic coffee farm, we are also the deepest private reserve within the La Fortuna Nature Park. We host backpackers, hikers, adventure travelers and peace seekers, digital nomads, scientists, and nature enthusiasts alike. Because it is one of the only pieces of titled land, the local community is looking to us alone to develop tourism. Join us in the clouds as we continue to grow the vision.

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