Single Dorm Bed:  $14/nt (1 person)

Double Dorm Bed: $16/nt (1 person), $24/nt (2 persons)


We have both single dorm beds and spacious double dorm beds (that sleep two people!) available on a nightly basis. 

All dorm rooms are non-smoking and lockers are provided to store your valuables. Hot showers and bathrooms are available for your use.

We recommend booking at least two nights minimum due to the popularity of the hostel and the number of activities that are available at and around the property!

Private rooms

We have three private rooms available that are available for parties up to four people. 

Shared bathrooms and hot showers are available for use.

We recommend booking at least two nights minimum due to the popularity of the hostel and the number of activities that are available at and around the property!

Private Room: $40 - $70/nt

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions that aren't answered here please feel free to contact us via email or the form below.

What is staying at the Lost and Found like?

Our hostel is social with a youthful backpacker vibe. We have games and activities such as life-sized Jenga and a night hike that spark intermingling. Honeymooners who want a romantic, private getaway can possibly be overwhelmed with how social everything is. We discourage families with children under 12 from booking with us. Being within the jungle presents dangers and the festive atmosphere may be too much for children.

What do I need to bring?

We encourage our guests to bring a jacket, bug spray (during raining season), cash, and hiking boots.

Jacket: Simply put,the cloud forest gets cold. We offer fleece ponchos, however a jacket will keep you significantly warmer.

Bug Spray: Majority of days, the weather is beautiful with a gentle breeze keeping pesky bugs at bay. During the rainy season, bugs tend to make their presence known. If traveling at this time, be sure to bring bug spray!

Hiking boots: Our guests have the option of participating in our treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, and taking a jaunt through our premade trails. We recommend you bring your hiking boots when taking on the jungle terrain.

Cash: Our tour prices are significantly less than those of the big tourist centers, thus we recommend you bring plenty of money with, as there are no cash machines nearby. We are able to accept credit cards, however we prefer cash. There is a 7% fee applied to credit card payments.

Do you accept credit cards?

We prefer cash. The third party company we use to process your transaction online charges a 7% extra fee. Be warned, the process takes roughly an additional 20 minutes at checkout. Jungle WiFi is not always kind.

Why is there a two night minimum rule?

The Lost and Found has become one of the hottest spots on the backpacker circuit and we are often full. Guests with a one day reservation almost unanimously want more time, often their bed is already reserved for an incoming party and we unable to accommodate their request. It breaks our heart to see them go before they have had time to do all our free activities offered.

What do we do for food?

Our on-site mini market supplies our guests with the necessary ingredients to cook for themselves. We have a fully stocked kitchen reserved solely for the use of our guests which makes it easy to cook at any time during the day. We do have fridge space available to store your food items. There is also a fruit and vegetable stand nearby, trek down the hill and simply turn right when you reach the road. There, lies a quaint, locally-owned fruit stand. Be sure to try the freshly made fruit smoothies for a cool refreshing treat!

How hard is hike up?

Most guests arrive out of breath, both from the stunning views and the 20 minute up hill hike wearing their backpacking gear. To see every step of the hike check out the later part of the video on our directions page HERE.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes. It works well enough to make a reservation at your next stop. Some days it's fast, others, Facebook, Tweets, and Pinners make the connection lag. We promote enjoying our scenery and good company and leave the WiFi for necessities only.

Can I Change or Cancel My Reservation?

Please enter your booking reference number and last name to modify or cancel your reservation.

What is The Lost and Found Novel?

Guests that read this novel before they arrive have an entirely different experience at The Lost and Found. Much of what you see here at the hostel, the esoteric artwork, the treasure hunts, it is all indirectly connected to the book. It is as if there are hidden Easter Eggs all over the hostel and jungle for those who have read the book. You become part of the story, solving riddles and digging deeper. It plays with the unwilling suspension of disbelief. People do not know what is real. Some controversial concepts intermixed with horror ensure that this book is not for everyone. I wouldn’t let my mother read this book. It is available for .99 ¢ HERE.

Is The Lost & Found and its surrounding areas prone to Malaria?

The malaria mosquito does not breed at our altitude, a relief. The much more common, and potentially fatal, Dengue mosquito lurks in urban areas including Panama City. Thanks to our remote location in the jungle, The Lost & Found does not have to fear these common, dangerous mosquitoes. Be prepared, bugs are here and you will want to protect yourself.

Do you have hot showers?

We sure do! And they are only a short walk from our dorms and cabins. Perfect after a day of hiking or horse riding or just lazing around.

Do you have laundry service?

Sometimes. In the jungle we often have water shortages and it is a priority to wash all the sheets and towels we have. If we have no water problems we will wash and dry your laundry for $8. Our guests cannot request to separate a wash and dry, we offer both services or none at all.

Does The Lost and Found accept volunteers?

Yes, we occasionally have volunteer positions, depending on whether we have enough local staff. Our general philosophy is to provide as much opportunities to local community as possible, but sometimes we just can’t find enough help. We only accept guests that are traveling through. If you are a guest at The Lost and Found, love it and want to stay ask if there is spot.

Where can I park my car?

The Lost and Found is a hike-in lodge. We elected not to cut any trees to build a road or parking lot. You can, however, support the local community and pay to park at our neighbors. After you have had a look at the ‘How to Find Us’ page you will see a big photo of our sign. Near that sign is a vegetable kiosk run by our neighbors. They are not affiliated with us, but our customers park there for $3.50. We have never received a complaint. They look after your car for you and you can pay them in advance or when you leave.

Can I camp at The Lost and Found?

No. The Lost and Found was built on a slope and there are not many places to pitch a tent. As well, the weather can change quickly, especially the winds. Having said that, some adventurous souls still camp. The price is the same as the dorm at $14.00 a night, this includes all the extras, such as free WiFi, use of the kitchen, all the free extras like oil, salt, etc. to cook with. The showers and bathrooms are separate so you can still access them.

Do you allow pets?

We do not allow pets. We have a rescued kinkajou with a keen nose temperamental to the smell of other animals. In the past the smell of pet dogs have interfered with the daily migration patterns of the wild white faced monkeys that pass through our orange grove..

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