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Some time ago a horrific event occurred at the hostel. The truth of what happened is now of legendary debate among travelers and one of the owners explanation is the subject of The Lost and Found book available at the hostel or on Amazon.

There are two treasure hunt games at The Lost and Found. The first is The Adventure Hunt. It involves chasing riddles in the forest Indiana Jones style. For this game there is a separate map with instructions on the back. The second game is Puzzle Quest. It involves cryptic puzzle solving around the hostel. If you are looking for a more cerebral game in the spirit of a ‘escape the room game’ perhaps to play on a rainy day then this is a game for you. Start by downloading the app Actionbound on either Google Play for Android or The App Store for the iPhone. Allow about 15 minutes to download at The Lost and Found if the internet is slow. Then load the game with this QR code. The app and game is completely free.

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