Do You Like Puzzles?

There are two treasure hunt games at The Lost and Found. The first involves chasing riddles in the forest Indiana Jones style. For this game there is a separate map with instructions on the back. The second treasure hunt involves cryptic puzzle solving around the hostel. If you are looking for a more cerebral game in the spirit of a ‘escape the room game’ perhaps to play on a rainy day then this is a game for you. Some time ago a horrific event occurred at the hostel. The truth of what happened is now of legendary debate among travelers and one of the owners explanation is the subject of The Lost and Found book available at the hostel or on Amazon.  

The event in question led to an unsolved police investigation and a cold case the FBI is leaving open in the hopes that the public can contribute to its closure. For these purposes Interpol has opened its database to the public. The case file is A31-268. Your hunt begins there. You may be confused. You may not know what you are doing at first but figuring it out is part of the puzzle. But already, in fact, you have started playing and have been given a clue to start you on your way with keywords to use in the Interpol database. Once you have unlocked some information there, you will see other keywords for a new search. It is helpful to keep notes and use your the camera on your phone.  Although Interpol has declassified many details of the case they do not wish to grant access to those not directly investigating the case. Therefore, from time to time, you may run out of ideas for search terms in their database. In these cases you will need to physically investigate the crime scene for more terms to enter in the database.  Likewise as you uncover more information in the Interpol database words you see in the text can be added again to gain access to even more files. If you are stuck investing the crime scene, take your notes and return to Interpol database. You will need an internet connection to access the files and the strongest connection is in the bar, a good place to set up if you have a laptop. Your smartphone can also access the database but some files may have video so it would be nice if someone in your group has a tablet or laptop.

Please Note: Some devices require you to erase your browsing history if database searches lead to dead ends.

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The Lost and Found novel is available on Amazon for .99 ¢ or $5 at the hostel

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If you have no plans to go to Panama you can check out an online version of the game HERE. Spoiler Alert! The game is much more fun when you are chasing down clues and interacting with the real world environment at the hostel. Once you open the database you can enter the word 'MAP' for a google map of the area.  You can also enter the command 'go to ____' to go to a specific location on the map or otherwise. Good Luck!

Download out app to beta test a new version of our first Treasure Hunt!

Download out app to beta test a new version of our first Treasure Hunt!