Wake up with a stunning view of the sun shining over the cloud forest in La Fortuna Nature Reserve. Grab a cup of organic, locally grown coffee and take your time to enjoy this special moment. Our kitchen serves freshly made breakfast from all products grown in the surrounding area with a combination of traditional and local Panamanian dishes that will make you feel right at home. If you feel like taking extra time to relax and rejuvenate, don’t worry, our kitchen serves breakfast and lunch until 3 PM.

If you are planning to spend time outside of our hostel enjoying one of the many activities we offer, we also serve packed lunches to go.

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Scroll down to find out how you can make the most out of your time at the Lost and Found.

Qualaca River Canyon


Nature has created the perfect playground for everyone. Brave the meter high cliffs and jump in for an amazing adrenaline rush; or if you are more the quiet sun worshiper, turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.

The river canyon catches all the local sun and is the perfect place to pack a little picnic lunch, maybe a beer or two and spend a day.

Take the local bus or ask us about organized transportation! 

Celestine Waterfall


Located at the end of a high, narrow canyon, the 30m Celestine Waterfall is one of the hidden jewels of the Palo Seco National Park. Grab a free map and head out on local transportation.

Climb through the boulder strewn creek bed, swim through rugged sections to reach The Chamber, a natural room of thundering water and forbidding stone with walls so high that the sun's beams can only penetrate at midday.

Only a few minutes from the road, the Celestine Waterfall is still so well hidden that only those who know exactly where to look for the secret entrance can ever behold it. We have the map!



Join us for a yoga class in the clouds! No special requirements, skills, or flexibility are needed for our community classes, therefore our classes are open to travelers of all levels.

We offer morning or afternoon classes, completely immersed in nature. The mountain's natural elements create a calming and grounding environment for fellow travelers to connect with their breath, their body, and the beautiful environment that surrounds them. Our classes are typically a hatha-vinyasa styled flow, and by spending at least 60 minutes on your yoga mat you will create an opportunity to give yourself your undivided attention; taking a few moments to step back from your travel plans, to fully reconnect with yourself and find your inner peace. Namaste.

Classes are open seasonally, depending on the availability of our teachers.


Located within the La Fortuna Nature Reserve, we offer access to over 10 kilometers of hiking trails. You can spend hours, or days, exploring the almost magical diversity of the forest. Enjoy a wide range of flora, including bromeliads and orchids. Happen upon a family of monkeys or let your mind wander when listening to the lyrical songs of the many birds. Search for clues hidden in the forest on our Indiana Jones Treasure Hunt, or simply take haven at the river and refresh yourself in it’s cooling waters.

Organic Coffee & Wine Tour


Meet Don Cune, organic farmer, mad scientist and wise grandfather all rolled into one.  He will proudly show you his life’s work on his organic coffee farm, where you will witness the production of coffee as it was done decades before the arrival of big agro.

Eat fruits ranging from the common mangos and passion fruits to rare delicacies such as pitangas, rose apples and naranjillas. Squeeze the world’s most delicious lemonade from fresh sugar cane, and partake in Don Cune’s organic farm to table lunch.

Here you will see a slice of the “Real Panama,” a sample of the timeless rhythms of rural life. Your visit makes an invaluable contribution to preserving this way of life and making viable the emerging organic market in Panama. 

Costs: 25$
Including transportation and a farm to table lunch.



Explore the Panamanian hill country on horseback! Ride with local guides through rugged gullies, forests and meadows, taking in incredible vistas of the rivers and lakes of the province of Chiriquí.

Have a traditional lunch in the village of Peña, two hours from the nearest road, and see how the campesinos really live in rural Panama, where meals are cooked over fires, sugar cane is squeezed by hand, and every man knows how to lasso a steer.

Costs: 35$
Including transportation and a farm to table lunch.  


Or one more adventure?

After a well-spent day enjoying one of the above mentioned activities or tours, it is time to unwind! Join us at sunset for a family style dinner that we serve nightly. Similar to our breakfast and lunch, our kitchen offers a mix of traditional and local Panamanian dishes sure to make your taste buds water. Click here to see our menu.

Your day doesn’t always have to end there. At the Lost and Found there is always at least one more adventure that awaits you!

The Night Hike


Don't be afraid of the dark. Explore the mysteries of the jungle at night with one of our local guides. Go in search of insects, reptiles, and other night dwelling creatures. This hour long walk through the jungle takes you into an undiscovered world. Let us teach you the secrets of indigenous life, as this tour also offers an element of wilderness survival. 

What to bring? A flashlight, rain jacket and a sense of adventure!

Jungle Lounge Bar

Jungle Lounge Bar

The volunteers host fun bar nights that can spark intermingling, located in a building far from the sleeping areas. Test your skills at:

Foosball, but beware, if the owner is around you’re most likely going down.

Beer Pong, a house favorite. Play by the house rules and challenge the volunteers for a chance to take the championship belt.

Giant Jenga, the game the Lost and Found is best known for. With a unique set of rules be sure not to knock down the tower…

The Lost and Found experience will take you by surprise and you'll be having fun before you know it.

Happy hour every night from 8 to 9 PM. 1$ beers, 2$ cocktails and priceless memories with everyone’s favorite bartenders.