The Lost and Found Novel


Some time ago a horrific event occurred at the hostel. The truth of what happened is now of legendary debate among travelers and one of the owners explanation is the subject of The Lost and Found book available at the hostel or on Amazon.

As mentioned on the Activities page, you can explore the forest in a more creative way by participating in one of our treasure hunts; the Indiana Jones. However, there is a second treasure hunt at The Lost and Found. Scroll down for more detailed information and start your adventure!

Indiana Jones Jungle Treasure Hunt


For this treasure hunt gather the bravado of Indiana Jones and head out over rivers, into caves and through massive trees. Discover clues in the forest left there for you by a mysterious character named Maria. Tell us the true story of Valle de Mina and the Lost Gold to claim your prize. Great challenges lead to great rewards.

Ask for the map with instructions at the reception. Enjoy!

Sherlock Holmes Treasure Hunt


This treasure hunt resembles an escape the room type game and requires more detective type sleuthing. It is tied closer to the novel about the hostel and Maria. Test your intellect solving riddles and breaking codes, while exploring the hostel, wandering through our maze, and you might even find the secret elevator.

Start by downloading the app Actionbound on either Google Play for Android or The App Store for the iPhone. Allow about 5 to 10 minutes to download the app at The Lost and Found, depending on the internet connection. Then load the game with the QR code down this page. The app and game are completely free. Good luck!

UPDATED 2019 - QR code for puzzle quest - website.png